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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Now, in my childhood pancakes were more like crêpes with a ton of lemon or orange juice and a sprinkle of sugar. Not that they aren't delicious but since my first taste of an American style pancake a thin crêpe cannot compare.

Since turning vegan I have tried many recipes including mashed banana, coconut flour, gram flour and beyond and nothing worked out. So take it that I have done the leg work.

Now this slightly happened by accident, as I had a fall out with pancakes and had resigned myself to never having the fluffy deliciousness again, but one morning I had a Google and came across a recipe which seemed it may be my saviour. Which, as anyone who knows me will know, I used that as a basis and adapted it in order for it to pass the judges in the house.... obviously meaning the kids.

I have even sometimes made double the amount and frozen them and they have stayed just as delicious, light and fluffy after reheating.

They are perfect for a quick dessert, breakfast/brunch or for a simple sweet craving that needs to be calmed.

I like to serve them with fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup (of which you can get a cheap version from most supermarkets which is blended and just as good).

My kids love these and beg to help make them so this would be ideal for little hands and strong ambitions.


300g- Plain Flour

2 Bananas

2 tbsp- Sugar or coconut sugar

2 tsp- Cinnamon

1 tbsp- Baking powder

350ml- plant milk


1. Blend bananas with sugar

2. Mix dry ingredients

3. Pour banana mix into dry ingredients and whisk until smooth

4. Heat a pan with oil (I prefer vegetable oil). Or if you have a very good non stick pan just heat it up.

5. Ladle batter into hot pan and make a circle (although I am not that fancy. Any shape will do)

Once bubbles begin to appear in the middle the pancake is ready to flip.

6. After a minute or two the pancake should be ready to serve with whatever and however you like it.

Berries or apple work great. Vegan chocolate spread adds a devilish touch. Or if you want to go full on American try some vegan bacon and maple.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Share your pictures and comments about your pancakes. I would love to hear back. If you can stop eating these beauts for a second.

Easy Pancakes
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