First Post

I feel like this post should contain something groundbreaking but unfortunately due to a very busy week I neither have the mental capacity or the will to muster up such gumption. Therefore instead I shall stick to my roots and keep it simple.

I guess I have always being a baker and cook. Memories of my Mum surrounded by the local children and myself baking bread is a very fond memory and burning my hand on the over top is a learning curve as a child. My Dad is a fantastic cook and has a talent for pastry that I cannot match, try as I might.

I guess my point is that baking makes me happy and I thought I would at least try and spread that happiness. Not in delicate, complicated designs or confusing recipes that require a small army; but in simple, delicious homemade bakes.

I have also being vegan for 2 (or 3) years now and not wanting to live without cake (do people even live without cake?) I began trying to transform my recipes.

I discovered that there is hardly anything that cannot be made vegan and without compromising on taste or texture.

Then after a difficult time in my life I decided to try and focus on baking more and wanting to share my creations with more people.

In short baking for others seems to be my medicine.

The buay week I spoke earlier about involved a Harry Potter Cake and an order for a wedding involving cupcakes in a jar; which as I hear went down a treat and the day was amazing.

My plan for this blog is to include recipes and support so if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. Couldn't bare to think a fellow baker turned vegan was suffering.


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